History of the Bonifatius Hospital

The Bonifatius Hospital is like an organism, it was conceived, came to life and has grown. For over 150 years people have been fulfilling their tasks to help other people.


  • Foundation of the St. Bonifatius-Hospital Lingen by Dechant Dr. Johann Bernhard Diepenbrock with the support of the Order of Mauritians Franciscan nuns.


  • New construction of the St. Bonifatius-Hospital at the Gymnasialstrasse with 56 beds


  • Development of an association and formation of St. Bonifatius Hospital Lingen association


  • Further expansion of the hospital at Gymnasialstraße, construction of a chapel and extension to 108 beds


  • Reconstruction of the Radiology Department and construction of a new Surgical and Hydrotherapy Department
  • Extension to a total of 180 beds


  • The Surgical and Interior Medicine departments become full-time specialist departments of St. Bonifatius Hospital


  • Extension by 35 beds by adding a new building for the Pediatrics, ENT and Infection departments to the old building


  • Establishment of a full-time Gynecological and Obstetrical Department in St. Bonifatius Hospital


  • Renovation of the old hospital building
  • The St. Bonifatius Hospital now has 388 beds


  • Construction of a Nursery School with 60 training places and a nursing home


  • Creation of a helicopter landing pad


  • Conversion of the Pediatric Department into a full-time department


  • Establishment of a Nursery School with 30 training places


  • Establishment of Specialist Departments for Anesthesia and Dialysis
  • Construction of an Intensive Care Unit
  • Extension by 14 beds. The Bonifatius Hospital now has 416 beds


  • Establishment of a full-time Department for Radiology and Nuclear Medicine


  • Establishment of a full-time Urological Department and construction of Urological Surgery


  • The St. Bonifatius Hospital becomes an Academic Teaching Hospital of the Hannover Medical School


  • Completion of the functional and treatment wing (House A)


  • Establishment of the Hand and Plastic Surgery Subdiscipline
  • Opening of the library for patients


  • Establishment of the subdisciplines Cardiology / Angiology and Gastroenterology / Endocrinology / Diabetology
  • Establishment of the Nephrology Department as another Internal Medicine subdiscipline
  • Establishment of Cardiology Department as a place for left heart catheter examinations


  • Acquisition of a computer tomograph


  • Construction of a new building for Nephrology Department and a Dialysis Unit


  • As part of federal model measures, the Geriatric Department subdivided into Acute Geriatrics, full-station Geriatric Rehabilitation and the partially stationary Geriatric Rehabilitation Day Clinic is built and the hospital aquires a new building (house B).


  • Creation of Minimally Invasive Surgery as part of General and Accident Surgery
  • Introduction of the Parenting Classes
  • Opening of the OPTIFAST Therapy Center


  • Expansion of the Cardiological and Pediatric Departments around the area of Sleep Medicine with the creation of 3 sleeping areas
  • Establishment of School for Elderly Care with up to 60 training places


  • Construction of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and the expansion of Neonatology
  • Participation in the Caritas Social Center and the expansion of outpatient Elderly, Family and Nursing Care


  • Establishment of the Central Emergency Unit
  • Conclusion of a cooperation contract with the University of Witten-Herdecke


  • Acquisition of an Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripter (ESWL)
  • Creation of the subdiscipline Vascular Surgery
  • Establishment of an Emergency Practice of the Lingen Physicians in the hospital building
  • Construction of a Short Term Care Facility with 14 nursing places in House F


  • Completion of the total refurbishment and renovation of the Pediatric Ward with the construction of a new children's playground


  • Establishment of the Breast Center Ems-Vechte as a cooperation between the St. Bonifatius Hospital Lingen, the Marienkrankenhaus Nordhorn, the Marienkrankenhaus Papenburg and the Ludmillenstift Meppen
  • Election of Prof. Dr. Dr. Gerald Kolb as President of the German Society of Geriatrics (DGG)


  • Construction of a new helicopter landing pad on the roof
  • Clinical Ethics Consultation for Ethical Counseling comes into force


  • Celebration of the 150th anniversary
  • Opening of the Stroke Unit at the St. Bonifatius Hospital in cooperation with the Hedon Clinic Lingen
  • Hospital receives international certificates "KTQ" and "pCC" for quality and value management
  • Opening of a Hand Center at St. Bonifatius Hospital Lingen
  • In co-operation with the St. Georg Foundation Thuine the Training Academy St. Franziskus is founded in Lingen
  • Chief Managing Director Ansgar Veer is appointed to the Board of the Catholic Hospital Association Germany


  • Spin-off of the Lingen Hospital to an independent gGmbH, today Bonifatius Hospital Lingen
  • Introduction of the Case Management Facility in the Women's Clinic to accompany women with breast cancer and other gynecological cancer diseases
  • The Perinatal Center of the St. Bonifatius Hospital is recognized as a center with the highest level of care (Level 1)


  • Certification of the Vascular Center Emsland
  • Opening of the new underground car park


  • Completion and opening of the large new building of St. Bonifatius Hospital, with a new entrance hall and a new nursing and function facility
  • Opening of the Center for Outpatient Surgery
  • Bunte Kreis Lingen is accredited as the first aftercare facility in Lower Saxony
  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Gerald Kolb is elected President of the Umbrella Association for Gerontological and Geriatric Societies
  • Foundation and certification of the cooperative Breast Center Lingen / Nordhorn
  • Foundation of the Regional Pain Center Lingen


  • Certification of the Coloproctology Competence Center
  • Opening of the crèche in the hospital
  • Chief Managing Director Ansgar Veer is elected to the Board of the Catholic Hospital Association Germany
  • Purchase of a Fibroscan Device used for the investigation of liver diseases
  • Reconstruction of the Radiology Department
  • Foundation of a Medical Care Center (MVZ, Medizinisches Versorgungszentrum) as a part of the Surgery and Neurosurgery Departments
  • Commencement of cooperation with Indian religious women of the Franciscan Clarist Congregation Kerela community
  • Introduction of a Patient Support Service of the Christian Hospital Aid (CKH, Christlichen Krankenhaushilfe)


  • Opening of the new Emergency Center on the ground floor
  • Expansion of the Medical Care Center (MVZ) Lingen to the Department of Radiology
  • First-time use of the minimally invasive surgical method "SILS" (Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery) to remove a gall bladder
  • Opening of a new Gynecological Ambulance
  • Acquisition of a new Computer Tomograph (CT) and a new modern MRI after the completion of the first construction phase of the Radiology Department
  • Opening of a new Pediatric Ambulance
  • Introduction of the accompanying project for children "Kinderlachen hilft Heilen" („Children's laughter helps healing“) in co-operation with theater pedagogy at University Osnabrück


  • General / Visceral Surgery gets honored as a "Competence Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery"
  • The Clinic for Accident Surgery at St. Bonifatius Hospital Lingen and the Department of Accident Surgery at the Hümmling Hospital Sögel get certified as Trauma Centers within the framework of the NordWest Trauma Network
  • An MRI-safe heart pacemaker system for the single-chamber area is implanted to a patient for the first time in northwest Germany in the Cardiology Department
  • Foundation of the Department of Hematology and Internal Oncology
  • Opening of a new Hybrid Operating Theater as well as the Vascular Surgery and Urological Ambulance
  • Foundation of the Prostate Center Emsland, the St. Bonifatius Hospital Lingen and the Hümmling Hospital Sögel being part of it
  • Election of Ansgar Veer to the Executive Board of the Geriatric Federal Association


  • St. Bonifatius Hospital gets honored as an Academic Teaching Hospital of the Medical Faculty of the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität (EMU) Münster
  • The carrier company of St. Bonifatius Hospital gets renamed into St. Bonifatius Hospitalgesellschaft (St. Bonifatius Hospital Society)


  • Admission of the region's first Chest Pain Unit (CPU)


  • Introduction of a new and uniform cooperate design for all institutions of the Hospital Society with the leitmotiv "connected to people"
  • Foundation of the Bowel Cancer Center in Lingen in the form of a cooperation between various departments of the Bonifatius Hospitals Lingen and the Hümmling Hospitals Sögel
  • Launch of a new Cardiac Catheter Tract and two new Heart Catheter Measuring Stations in the Cardiology


  • Opening of new premises for Department of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine including the Perinatal Center Level I and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
  • Interdisciplinary Intensive Care is an independent department
  • Establishment of the EndoProthetic Center Lingen / Sögel