Organization Development & Quality Management

The highest aspiration of our work is true to the leitmotif "connected to people", the patients entrusted to us benefit from the best possible quality our hospital has to offer. Patient satisfaction and safety are our main concern.

The Bonifatius Hospital is certified according to the DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008, proCum Cert and MAAS-BGW management requirements. Every year we undergo an external monitoring audit, in which the standard requirements throughout the hospital are examined within the limits of process evaluations.

Improvement of treatment quality

Organization Development & Quality Management

The Bonifatius Hospital Lingen is a member of the Association for Quality Indicators for Church Hospitals – QKK (Qualitätsindikatoren für Kirchliche Krankenhäuser e. V). It supports church hospitals in the implantation of quality indicators and their use to improve the treatment quality. As a Christian hospital, we place particular emphasis on the quality of care for patients in need of protection.

We regularly compare our quality results with those of other hospitals. In addition, with the help of experts from other clinics we regularly review and improve our own treatment processes (peer review procedures). The ongoing improvement of our treatment quality is an important part of our self-understanding. For the benefit of the patients entrusted to us, according to our mission statement – “connected to people”.