Our mission

The Bonifatius Hospital Lingen is part of the registered association St. Bonifatius Hospitalgesellschaft Lingen (St. Bonifatius Hospital Society Lingen), which operates four general hospitals, as well as various outpatient and inpatient institutions of the geriatric nursing and elderly care. As a Catholic institution, the association is a member of the Caritas Diocese of Osnabrück.

Caritas is a life and essence of the Catholic Church. The institutions belonging to the German Caritas Association serve the work of Christian charity and provide social services with and for people.

In the proclamation of Jesus, we recognize our mission in working holistically for the salvation of mankind. As a result, people who visit our institution and use our services will not only receive best possible medical, nursing and therapeutic care but rather feel the Christian charity in our actions and experience the Christian faith as a counseling. Accordingly, employers try to live and work as a service community on the basis of the Gospel and the Christian human image.

The guiding principle, developed by the employees together with those responsible in the association, describes the goals, tasks, tradition and self-understanding of the association is expressed through the leitmotiv.

"connected to people"

in a clear and comprehensible manner. It serves as an orientation and guideline for the life and work at Bonifatius Hospital. It provides a clear picture of the association to the public and offers the employees the opportunity to identify themselves.

Lingen (Ems), 2014