Open Heart Surgery

Heart surgeries have always been considered the most complicated and risky procedures. However, it is inevitable, if you have as serious cardiac disorder. Where to find a clinic you can trust? Welcome to Bonifatius Hospital! Our specialists can perform almost any open heart surgery safely. Find out how heart operations are done, and why thousands of patients choose us.

What is heart operation?

This is a surgery aimed at repairing vessels and heart, preventing aneurysm and other life-threatening conditions. A person needs a heart operation in the following cases:

  • coronary heart disease (hardening of blood vessels) when heart valves should be repaired or replaced;
  • repair of abnormal or ruptured areas of the heart;
  • implantation of medical devices that help heart to work properly;
  • transplantation of heart.

What surgeries we perform?

Doctors of Bonifatius Hospital are skilled and qualified enough to perform different types of heart surgery. We have state-of-art technologies and facilities to help people even with very complicated heart abnormalities and diseases.

Aortic valve surgery

These operations are done to repair or replace aortic aneurysm or dissection. Besides, they help to fix an aortic valve that does not function correctly.

Arrhythmia surgery

Such operation serves to correct irregular heart beat that is manifested into tachycardia or atrial fibrillation.

Congenital heart surgery

A surgery used to repair or fix inborn heart defects.

Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG)

This operation is used to replace the blocked segment of the coronary artery with another piece of blood artery.

Heart transplant

Treatment of serious heart failure when it can’t pump blood to the body organs. It is replaced with a donated heart or an artificial transplant.

A surgical option to treat advanced heart failure, a condition that occurs when the heart can't pump enough oxygenated blood to meet the needs of the body's organs.


Generally, any surgery of heart takes from 4 to 6 hours and consists of several steps:

  • A patient is administered general anesthesia to fall asleep and be pain free during the operation.
  • The heart surgeon makes a long cut in the chest (about 15 centimeters) and cuts through the breastbone to get inside.
  • When the heart is visible, a doctor can connect the patient to a heart-lung bypass machine that moves blood away and the surgeon could operate.
  • If there’s a blocked artery, the surgeon will use a healthy vein to make the path for blood stream.
  • The cut is sutured and stitched up.
  • If people are at high risk sternal plating will be done. Then the breastbone is rejoined with tiny titanium plates.

When the operation is over, a patient has 2-3 tubes inserted in the chest. They help to drain fluid that collects around the heart. Intravenous lines will supply nutrition and fluid, and catheter in the bladder will remove urine. For several days, a patient will stay connected to the machines that monitor heart functioning. As a rule, person spends the first night in the intensive care unit, and then spends up to a week in a regular care ward.

Risks and side effects

Specialists of Bonifatius Hospital do their best to ensure fast and successful open heart surgery recovery. However, some patients experience negative outcomes after operations. These can be chest wound infection, a heart attack, troubles with heartbeat, kidney or lung failure, blood clotting, loss of memory, pneumonia, difficulty breathing. Other complications can be caused by allergic reaction to anesthesia or medications.

Why patients trust Bonifatius Hospital?

Heart surgery is a serious measure, and it’s very important to find a decent clinic that has serious approach. Bonifatius Hospital is considered to be one of the best German clinics of its kind. We have high-tech equipment and experienced team who are ready to deal even with the most complicated cases.

Our team

Tens of specialists from different spheres work in our hospital, and we use multi-disciplinary approach in our treatment. That means that we organize meetings where the doctors create individual treatment plans based on detailed health reports of every specialist. Thanks to that, treatment becomes more effective and reliable. We keep tabs on medical innovations and implement new methods and therapies.

How to find us?

Bonifatius hospital is located in Lingen, Germany. This is a small town where patients can relax and enjoy peaceful atmosphere. Prices for a trip and accommodation are agreeable, and our services are also affordable for most patients.

If you want to arrange treatment in Bonifatius Hospital, contact us via email or phone, and we will answer all your questions. We help people from all over the world, and you can be the next to overcome heart diseases successful.