Breast surgery

We offer the most modern surgical procedures for breast surgery (senology) in the context of cancer treatment as well as for cosmetic indications. We prefer breast-saving procedures for breast cancer treatment. However, if a breast removal is unavoidable, we can use using different procedures of breast reconstruction.

Our competences

  • Operations of benign and malignant brest diseases, as well as of breast malformations
  • Mammotome vacuumbiopsia, high speed punch
  • Breast reconstruction with body-like material (TRAM Latissimus interpolated flap)
  • Breast reconstruction with tissue expander and implant technology
  • Biopsy of the sentinel lymph node; In the context of a breast cancer treatment, the so-called guardian lymph node in the armpit is marked and removed with an intraoperative gamma probe

Information bout our competences in breast surgery and breast cancer treatment can be found on the internet pages of the cooperative Breast Center.