Gynecological oncology

Another focus of our department is the prevention, diagnostics and therapy of cancer diseases, typical for women. For all types of cancer, the following is always true: early detection can save lives.

For the cervical carcinoma there is an informative, nonexpensive and at the same time not painful preventive technique. It consists of a cancer smear (cytologic smear, PAP smear) from the surface and the inner canal of the cervix. It can also be used to detect cancer precursors, which can be eliminated with a small procedure before the cancer develops. In case of a conspicuous cancer smear, patients are welcome to make an appointment at our gynecological ambulance.

Endometrial cancer is the most common genital carcinoma in Germany. It occurs mostly after the menopause, and can be recognized by a vaginal bleeding after it. Any bleeding that occurs six months after the absence of menstruation is therefore a reason to visit the female doctor. The therapy usually consists of the uterus removal (hysterectomy), including the removal of the ovaries. The prognosis in the sense of a long-term survival is very good, particularly in the case of early detection and professional treatment.

Ovarian cancer is a rare but more aggressive disease. Unfortunately, there are currently no reliable medical examination methods available. Symptoms are the weight loss with simultaneous increase fo the abdominal girth or bleeding outside the menstrual cycle and after the menopause. In a few cases, ovarian cancer runs in families. The therapy consists of an extensive surgical intervention combined with subsequent chemotherapy.

Information on the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer can be found on the internet pages of the cooperative Breast Center.