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Treatment in Germany

Today, German medicine is considered to be very advanced and affordable. Patients from all over the world come there to go through different procedures and diagnosis. Why do we recommend choosing German clinics?

Types of treatment

There are many complex and extensive clinics in Germany that deal with various diseases and conditions. In every hospital, the highest standards and the most advanced methods are used – they differ only by specialization:

  • Cancer clinics help to cure cancer tumors in spine, intestine, brain, lungs and other body parts. Even if patients have metastases at stage IV, doctors manage to relieve symptoms, improve prognosis and prolong their lives. Using modern methods of diagnosis and advanced surgery options doctors remove tumors in hard-to-reach zones.
  • Joint replacement (knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, or hip) is performed in many hospitals. Both partial and total replacement is done, and the safest and most durable prosthesis are used. The cost of such operation in Germany is much less than in many European countries and the USA.
  • Implantation of different organs. Many clinics have experienced and skilled doctors who can perform implantation of heart, lung, kidney or other organs accurately and safely. Donor’s organs or artificial implants are used. Success rate is pretty high, and many patients manage to lead long healthy lives after the procedure.
  • Cardiovascular operations are supposed to be among the most complicated ones. They are performed in the vast majority of local clinics with the help of the recent methods and approaches.
  • Spine surgery is another sophisticated sphere that German doctors specialize on. They perform vertebrae replacement, nerve decompression and other procedures. Minimally-invasive approach increases the chance of success, and many patients restore normal activity after treatment.

This is not the whole list of surgeries and treatments performed in German clinics. Here, people can find a suitable hospital and specialists to have their conditions cured.

Methods of treatment

German medicine goes ahead of times and uses the latest techniques and innovative approaches to ensure the most effective treatment and reach better results. Sometimes, experimental methods are applied to deal with diseases that are not responsive to conservative treatment. Besides, newest techniques are safer and require shorter recovery period.

Traditional open surgeries are performed to treat serious diseases and ruptures. This approach is used when the affected area is hard to reach. Instead, most clinics practice minimally-invasive surgeries (endoscopy, laparoscopy, etc). These operations require making a few smaller incisions (2-4 inches long), and a lighted tube with camera is usually used to see the inside of the organs. Minimally-invasive operations cause less bleeding, decrease the risk of infection, and have shorter recovery period. Some operations are done on outpatient basis, and people can go home the same day.

Another new method is reverse joint replacement. While during traditional shoulder replacement the ball and the socket are replaced, during reverse total replacement, the ball and socket orientation is changed. This procedure is applied in case when the rotator cuff doesn’t work properly. By reversing the ball and socket, doctors eliminate shoulder pain and improve its function. As a rule, patient has to stay in hospital for a couple of days. The recovery is faster, and the patient will need to be active to boost it: physical exercises are highly recommended.


The prices for treatment and diagnosis in Germany are actually much more attractive than in the USA and some European countries, for instance, the UK. Compare the cost of some procedures:

Procedure Price in Germany (€) Price in the USA ($)
Pacemaker implantation 12.200 – 18.200 19.000 – 25.000
Implantation of a defibrillator 20.000 – 32.000 26.000 – 40.000
Knee replacement from 15.000 from 33.000
Hip replacement from 15.000 from 18.000
Repairing of the herniated discs 12.000 – 16.000 from 22.000
Surgery to treat carcinoma of the prostate 12.600 22.000
Colonoscopy 2.600 3.500

Bonifatius Hospital Lingen is one of many German hospitals that provide high quality treatment of many different diseases. Being an old and well-established medical center, this hospital features state-of-art equipment and a team of professional doctors and specialists who manage to help people with the most complicated cases.

Consider treatment in Germany, because this option is the most optimal from cost/quality ratio, and German medicine is advanced and reliable. Here you can get professional help and go through treatment without stress. Save on procedures, not on your health!