The medical service spectrum of the Department of Oral, Maxillofacial and Facial Surgery includes:

  • Malformation surgery: Removal of deeply placed wisdom teeth; Removal of jaw cysts; Correction and repositioning operations for upper and lower jaw defects (malocclusion correction); Operations that improve the fit of prostheses.
  • Accident surgery: Reconstruction of the face skull after accidents.
  • Implantology: Treatment of toothless jaw sections with implants for holding crowns or bridges or fixing a dental prosthesis. Certified by the Professional Association of Implant Dentists.
  • Preprosthetic surgery: Reconstructions of the implant base by means of external material or endogenic bones (for example from the pelvis).
  • Smaller tumor surgery and plastic surgery: Removal of benign and malignant changes of the jaw and face, as well as the facial and scalp skin, and simultaniously the reconstruction of the removal defect by means of plastic surgery.
  • Septic surgery: Treatment of inflammatory processes / infections in the jaw and facial area, such as abscesses (encapsulated empyemas) and phlegmones (purulent inflammation of all tissue).
  • Dental Surgery: Root apex resections (operative removal of the tip of the root) to maintain the teeth.
  • Operative tooth removal.

Special areas of care

  • Perioperative (during) and postoperative (after the operation) monitoring of patients with risks and disabilities, including in the context of a simple dental surgery (even for a longer period).
  • Traumatology.
  • Treatment of closed and open injuries / fractures in the jaw, facial and cranial areas.