Ankle Joint Replacement Surgery

People with injury or wearing of ankle joint have an opportunity to restore health with the help of ankle joint replacement. This is a safe operation with pretty high success rate. Where to find a place where it is done? Bonifatius hospital is the right choice! Learn about the procedure and advantages of Bonifatius medical center.

What is ankle joint replacement?

The changes in ankle can be caused by wearing or aging and injuries such as breaking and dislocation. Arthritis causes gradual loss of cartilage, deformities and pain. Ankle arthroplasty (also called as replacement of ankle joint) is a procedure used to cure ankle arthritis. During this procedure, the team of surgeons and orthopedist will replace the damaged parts of ankle joint with artificial implants to restore normal functionality of the foot.

When is it done?

The surgery is performed when the ankle joint is severely damaged and a person experiences different symptoms including pain and restricted motion of the ankle. These damages are caused by:

  • ankle surgery in the past;
  • infection;
  • osteoarthritis;
  • fracture in bones;
  • rheumatoid arthritis.

Note that if you used to have joint infections in the past, total ankle joint replacement surgery is not recommended.

How to prepare to the surgery?

The doctor may ask you to take blood thinners before the surgery, and you should inform him about using any other medications (some of them shouldn’t be taken before the procedure). Cease smoking and abuse drinking before the operation – it’s very important. Also let your doctor know if you have some serious medical conditions (heart disease or diabetes) or went through cold, fever, herpes or other illness recently. The physical therapist will explain you how to use crutches properly.


Prior to making surgery, doctors will give the patient general anesthesia to be asleep and not to experience pain. Spinal anesthesia is made as an alternative. The surgeon makes a cut in the front part of the ankle to get access to the ankle joint. Then he will push aside tissues, nerves and blood vessels.

At the next stage, the surgeon removes the ruptured cartilage and bone and replaces the lower part of the shin bone and the top part of the foot bone. Metal elements of the new artificial joint are installed to the cut bony surface, and bone cement is applied to fix them there. The surgeon inserts a plastic element between the metal parts and can make ankle stabile with the help of screws. Tendons will be returned on their place, and the wound will be sutured. After the surgery, a person will have to wear equipment (brace, cast or a splint) for fixing the ankle and keeping it from movement.

Side effects and risks

Specialists of Bonifatius hospital do their best to perform surgeries with minimal side effects and complications, however, some negative outcomes still happen. Possible risks of operation and anesthesia include:

  • allergic reaction to medications;
  • problems with breathing;
  • blood clotting;
  • infection;
  • severe bleeding.

Besides, the replacement procedure can be not quite successful: a person may experience weakness and stiffness in the ankle, and the artificial joint may weaken over time. Besides, nerves and blood vessels can be damaged during the operation. Quite often, allergic reaction to the joint takes place.

Why people choose Bonifatius hospital?

Bonifatius hospital is considered to be one of the most advanced medical centers in Germany. We perform various operations and procedures and help people even with the most complicated diseases and conditions. What makes the clinic superb?


The most experienced and skilled doctors with D-r Gerard Kolb in head work in the hospital. We apply multi-disciplinary approach and make personal treatment plans for our patients based on doctors’ recommendations. The hospital introduces recent techniques and methods to reach the best results possible.


Bonifatius hospital has highly convenient wards and decent catering which makes treatment for patients less stressful and allows for successful recovery.


  • Our nurses and medical assistants are 24/7 ready to provide you with due care and help.
  • The clinic is located in Lingen, Germany. This is a small quiet town where patients can feel calm and relaxed. Besides, accommodation there is affordable for many patients.
  • Our pricing policy is more than agreeable: prices for diagnosis and treatment are lower than in some American and European hospitals.

Want to become our patient? Contact our agents via email or phone, and they will answer your questions, give you recommendations and arrange your trip. Bonifatius hospital is ready to help people from all over the world, no matter how serious their diseases are.