Arthroscopic surgery

Arthroscopic surgery is a modern approach to operations that is considered to be the new standard in many advanced clinics. Bonifatius hospital is not an exception: we use this technique in many different operations. Find out what the peculiarities of such procedure are, and why thousands of patients choose our center for treatment.

What is arthroscopic knee surgery?

Knee is a complex and the largest joint in human body that consists of different bones and tissues (cartilage, meniscus, synovium, ligaments, and kneecap). These parts can be damaged because of wearing, excessive load and injury, or simply weaken due to aging or weakness of bones. Ruptures cause serious pain and other symptoms.

Knee arthroscopy surgery is a procedure during which surgeons can view the knee joint without making a cut over skin and some soft tissues. This procedure is used to deal with a large range of different knee problems. During the surgery, a doctor put a tiny camera inside the joint and has the image displayed on the monitor in the operating room. The surgeon will use the image to guide different small instruments. Since smaller incisions are made, the operation is less painful for the patients, and they experience less stiffness in joints and recover within a shorter period of time.

Specialists of Bonifatius use this method for other similar operations like arthroscopic hip surgery or arthroscopic back surgery.

When surgery is recommended?

Doctors usually prescribe a surgery when painful symptoms cannot be cured with non-operative treatment like physical exercises, medications and rest. The most widespread arthroscopic procedures are:

  • Fixing or removal of a ruptured meniscus.
  • Removal of inflamed tissues.
  • Treatment of kneecap issues.
  • Trimming of ruptured articular cartilage.
  • Reconstruction of a ligament.
  • Infection of knee (sepsis).

Other popular procedures are arthroscopic back surgery on herniated disc and arthroplasty shoulder surgery aimed at reconstruction and removal of ruptured tissues. Besides, arthroscopy is often used for diagnosis of diseases.


When the patient gets into the operating room, he is given general or local anesthesia. The knee is cleaned, and leg is covered with surgical draping that exposes the incision zone. The leg will be placed so that to stabilize the knee while the procedure is going on.

To get to the inside of knee, the surgeon makes several tiny incisions and applies a sterile solution to rinse the openings and remove cloudy fluid. This way, a surgeon will see the inside of knee perfectly. First, he will insert the arthroscope and diagnose the area – image will be broadcast on the screen to guide. If a patient needs surgical treatment, the doctor will use small instruments for repairing and removing tissues.

Most operations last for less than 60 minutes, and the duration of procedure depends on what the surgeon finds. In the end, doctor will close very incision with stitches or band aids and fix the knee with a soft bandage. The patient will be taken to the recovery room, and in 1-2 hours he may go home. Arthroscopic knee surgery recovery is pretty quick, and lasts for several weeks.

Side effects

Bonifatius hospital doctors are experienced and skilled, and the risk of complications after the surgery is pretty low. However, there can be some problems like:

  • blood clotting;
  • stiffness in knee;
  • infection;
  • buildup of blood in the knee.

To avoid different complications and side effects, patient should follow doctor’s recommendations and take some precaution measures. Medications can and should be used to deal with pain and possible inflammation. Ice can help to reduce swelling. The doctor will tell you when you can bear weight, start driving and doing rehabilitation exercises.

Why Bonifatius hospital?

Thousands of patients prefer Bonifatius hospital for treatment and come there from all corners of the world. What makes us one of the most advanced German medical centers?

We take pride in our team of specialists headed by D-r Gerard Kolb. Tens of talented and skilled doctors work in our clinic and do their best to provide the most efficient treatment possible. We always implement innovative technologies in our work and use the latest and safest approaches in treatment.

Bonifatius hospital is equipped with sophisticated medical technology and modern devices that allow for doing efficient diagnosis and procedures. Our rooms are comfortable and cozy, and all patients can get around the clock medical assistance.

The hospital is located in a small peaceful town of Lingen (Germany). Come to us and contact our agents via email and calls. We are always glad to work with patients, no matter how complicated their cases are.