A special focus of our department is the implantation of artificial joints (endoprostheses). We use the most modern endoprosthetics methods and use all common types of endoprostheses for the following joints:

  • Hip
  • Knee (also individual prostheses - Conformis®)
  • Shoulder
  • Elbow
  • Ankle

Our certified EndoProthetic Center Lingen / Sögel specializes in the endoprosthetic treatment of hip and knee joints. Individual prostheses are used depending on age, bone quality and body weight.

In the case of loosening or damaging of an artificial joint, we are able to exchange all types of endoprostheses surgically (endoprosthesis change).

The implantation of an artificial joint is always an open surgical operation and is therefore very complex. For this reason, prior to it we check whether the damaged joint can also be treated conservatively or using gentle, minimally invasive surgery (e.g., arthroscopic surgery).

A further option in case of beginning joint degeneration is the so-called corrective osteotomy. In order to discharge the already damaged parts of the joint one or more bones are corrected. In this way, the load can be distributed to the healthy area. There are numerous other - even minimally invasive - therapy procedures for treatment of knee joint complaints.

The therapy procedures individually adapted to the patient‘s need are always discussed in a detailed physician-patient consultation.