If a person has serious problems with knees, operation may be the only way out. Want to find a decent place to go through knee surgery? Learn the basic information about this procedure, and find out why people from all over the world choose Bonifatius hospital.

What is knee operation?

Knee is the biggest joint in the body that supports almost the entire body weight. It is susceptible to different conditions and injuries, and there are many operations to deal with them. Complexity of a surgery depends on what zone of knee is affected, and what type of operation should be applied.

Types of knee surgeries

Having a lot of experience and state-of-art equipment, specialists of Bonifatius can perform different types of traditional and minimally invasive knee surgery:

  • Meniscectomy is used to cure a portion of knee called meniscus, if it’s ruptures, triggers pain, swells or obstructs movements. The most widespread type of surgery is arthroscopy when a doctor makes a few incisions around the knee, inserts a small tube with camera and instruments to remove the damaged section of knee. This operation is relatively safe, and arthroscopic knee surgery recovery is pretty quick.
  • Meniscus repair is applied instead of removal, when possible. It is preferable, because such operation reduces the chance of arthritis development further on. This operation can be done, if there is damage of the outer part of meniscus. Lack of blood does not let meniscus to heal after repair operation.
  • Meniscus transplant can be obtained from a donor, and implantation has lower risk of knee pain and arthritis.
  • Plica surgery is done when knee is vulnerable to traumas and to reduce inflammation. In more serious cases, arthritis knee surgery is performed.
  • Lateral release allows for relieving pain in the kneecap, if the last is abnormally pulled to the exterior area of the groove. This operation realigns the kneecap.
  • Tendon repair is made when quadriceps and tendon rupture and create problems with leg flexibility and movements (a person can’t straighten the leg completely). This operation is typically used after falls and surgeries.
  • ACL reconstructive operation is usually done for athletes, as it is important to ensure stability. Grafts can be takes from the patient or other donors.
  • Unicompartmental knee replacement is osteoarthritis knee surgery that is done in a small percentage of patients and is performed in one area of the knee. In this case, the damaged part of the knee is replaced with metal and plastic elements. Partial knee replacement is less complicated and contributes to quicker recovery. Besides, it feel s more natural since only a part of knee is artificial.
  • Total knee replacement is done for patients with serious arthritis.
  • Microfracture knee surgery is performed to repair broken cartilage and is often used for professional athletes. This is a good alternative to full and partial knee replacement. During this procedure, small holes are made in the bone that contribute to better blood supply and stimulate growth of cartilage.

Specialists of Bonifatius hospital also perform knee revision surgery that allows checking the inside of the joint.

Side effects

As a rule, recovery after minimally invasive surgeries is faster than after open ones. It's important to follow doctor's recommendations upon returning home. It's okay to feel pain for some time after the surgery - it means that healing process is going on. You can get pain killers to reduce it and take some other anti-inflammatory medications and drugs that prevent blood clotting. A few first days after the surgery it is recommended to keep the leg elevated to reduce inflammation and pain - apply ice to relieve symptoms. It's important to keep wounds dry and clean, and exclude driving and lifting weight for some time. With due care, knee surgery recovery will be fast and trouble-free.

Bonifatius hospital: the best option for knee surgery

Want to find a place with good conditions and agreeable knee surgery cost? Bonifatius hospital is considered to be one of the most advanced German medical centers, and thousands of patients visit us every year to get high-quality medical treatment. What makes us unique?

Our team

Tens of experienced and talented doctors with D-r Gerard Kolb in head work in Bonifatius hospital and deal with different knee diseases and other conditions. We keep track on recent medical innovations and advanced and implement them in our work to achieve the best results.

Our facilities

The hospital is equipped with state-of-art devices and techniques that ensure proper and effective treatment. We have comfortable and convenient wards, provide patients with decent catering and entertainment options. Besides, the cost of knee surgery and many other procedures in our clinic is more than agreeable.