Knee Replacement Surgery

If knee is severely damaged or ruptured, operation may be the only way out. Want to go through knee joint replacement, but can’t choose a decent clinic? Consider visiting Bonifatius hospital. We have all conditions for safe and proper treatment. Read basic information about knee replacement and our center.

What is knee replacement surgery?

This procedure is usually performed when a person has problems with knee movement and experiences severe pain in the joint. Knee replacement operation presupposes partial or full removal of joint and insertion of an artificial implant.

Who needs the surgery?

A doctor considers an operation, if a person has stiffness and pain in knees that makes it difficult to perform some daily activities and experiences instant pain. Single or double knee replacement surgery is preferable when other treatments do not work anymore, and is often done in people over 50 with serious osteoarthritis.

Description of the operation

Before the replacement knee surgery a person will get general anesthesia (spinal or epidural) and will fall asleep for several hours. The surgeon makes a cut on the damaged knee or several small incisions and removes ruptured parts of the joint. Then the ruptured part of the joint is shaped to keep a plastic or metal artificial joint. It is attached to the thigh, knee cap and shin with cement or other material. The attached parts will form a joint being supported by ligaments and muscles.

What advances we use?

Bonifatius hospital keeps tabs on recent medical innovations and effective methods, and now uses minimally invasive surgeries as a standard approach. Using specialized tools and techniques, a surgeon can avoid making one large incision and do several small openings instead (3-5 inches long). With less invasive approach, a doctor can make an incision between the fibers rather than via the tendon. It will reduce pain, boost recovery time and promote better motions because of less scar tissue, no matter what type of operation is done – double or unilateral knee replacement.


After the surgery, a person will have to stay in the hospital for 3-5 days. Knee replacement surgery recovery goes pretty quickly and patients have considerable improvement after one month or more. Pain is relieved when the gliding surface is renewed during the operation. People can move the joint and stand the next day after the operation: in the beginning, walking devices may be required (walker or cane) until the person will be able to fully support body weight. When muscle strength totally restores, people will be able to perform all daily activities except jumping and running.

To avoid partial knee replacement complications, a patient should not twist the treated leg for 4-6 weeks minimum and should try keeping the operated knee as straight as possible when lying in the bed. Squatting and kneeling are also not recommended.

Side effects

Specialists of Bonifatius hospital have been performing surgeries on knees for years, and we use perfect techniques and methods in our work. However, as with any other surgery, there still can be some risks:

  • Blood clotting caused by lack of movement. Doctors usually prescribe medications that thin blood.
  • Bleeding.
  • Infection.
  • Allergic reaction to general anesthesia.
  • Injury of bones or nerves during the surgery.

Besides, you should keep tabs on other possible outcomes that may happen. For example, fat in the bone marrow can become loose and go to bloodstream, reach the lungs and cause problems with breathing. Replacement elements may also loosen.

Why people choose Bonifatius hospital?

Where to go through unicompartmental knee replacement or other knee operations? Bonifatius hospital is the right choice! There are at least five reasons to become our patient:

  • Our team consists of experienced and skilled surgeons and orthopedists with D-r Gerard Kolb in head. They can perform even the most complicated operations safely.
  • We use the latest medical techniques and methods together with multi-disciplinary approach that ensure reliability and effectiveness of treatment.
  • The cost of knee replacement and many other services in our center is agreeable: our prices are lower than in most European and American clinics.
  • Bonifatius hospital is located in Lingen, Germany. You will like this place because of low prices and peaceful atmosphere. This is the best option for going through treatment without stress.
  • The clinic has state-of-art equipment and modern facilities. Our wards are spacious and comfortable for patients, we provide decent catering and 24/7 medical assistance.

Bonifatius hospital provides patients with everything for their comfort and effective recovery. We do our best to help people, no matter how complicated their diseases are.