Meniscus Surgery

Meniscus tear is a common injury that occurs in people regardless of age and overall health. This condition can be totally cured only with meniscus surgery. Where to find a clinic that can truly help you to recover? Bonifatius hospital is the right choice! Find out how we deal with such procedures.

What is meniscus operation?

Meniscus tear is the trauma of the cartilage – the part that absorbs load on the knee joint. The injury may be caused by sports trauma or wearing, and not all of tears can be equally treated. The doctor decides on the possibility of operation based on the zone where the tear is located, and how big it is. Meniscus tear surgery is aimed at repairing cartilage and restoring its functionality. Besides, the operation is done to cease symptoms like pain or limited movement.

When is it done?

First, torn meniscus is observed and treated with physical therapy and muscle strengthening to restore knee joint stabilization. Medications and ice can be used to relieve pain. Small tears that are located on the exterior part of the meniscus can often heal without invasion, but bigger tears near the center of the meniscus may not heal on their own due to poor blood supply in this zone.

However, if conservative measures bring no results, the damaged cartilage will be removed or repaired. Meniscus knee surgery is primarily considered for younger people, because their bodies restore functionality quicker.


At the moment of meniscus tearing people often hear a pop. Most people still can walk and perform everyday activities with the torn meniscus. As a rule, in 2-3 days the knee swells or becomes stiffer. Symptoms include:

  • swelling and stiffness;
  • locking or catching of the knee;
  • the feeling that the knee bends and gives away;
  • the knee cannot be moved over the entire range of motion;
  • pain.

If not treated, the damaged piece of meniscus can loosen and get into the joint making the knee pop, lock or slip.


There are two main approaches to surgery: open and minimally-invasive. First, patient will be given general or epidural anesthesia to block pain – this is done before any procedure. In case with minimally invasive operations, the surgeon will insert a thin lighted tube with camera through the small openings near the knee and see the inside of the knee. Other cuts are used to insert surgical instruments. Meniscus is usually sutured with stitches or anchored.

The choice of operation depends on the type of damage. In case when anterior cruciate ligament injury is combined with tear, treatment plan is different: two surgeries are done at once. Rehabilitation will be longer.

Risks and complications

As a rule, the risk of complications is pretty low, and doctors of Bonifatius hospital do their best to perform the procedure safely. The following side effects are possible:

  • Bleeding.
  • Infection.
  • Damage of nerves and blood vessels around the knee.
  • Blood clotting.
  • Allergic reaction to anesthesia.

Note that the surgery on meniscus should be performed as soon as possible after the trauma. But if the red zone has been damaged, the surgery can be postponed, and meniscus may still heal entirely. Surgery may help to prevent long-term outcomes like osteoarthritis as it reduces the stress on the knee joint.

Why people choose Bonifatius hospital?

Thousands of patients visit Bonifatius hospital annually to go through high-quality, reliable treatment. Our medical center is considered to be one of the most advanced in Germany, because it provides everything that patients need.

Our team

Tens of talented and skilled specialists from different spheres work in the clinic with D-r Gerard Kolb in head. We keep improving our knowledge and experience constantly and don’t hesitate to implement new methods and approaches in treatment. The clinic has multi-disciplinary approach which means that doctors organize meetings where treatment plans are made individually for every patient. That allows reaching maximal effectiveness of procedures and therapy.

Our facilities

Bonifatius hospital goes ahead of the time and uses the latest technologies. Be sure: you will be treated and diagnosed with the most advanced equipment. Our state-of-art devices and facilities allow for dealing even with the most serious diseases and conditions. Besides, the hospital has a lot of comfortable wards and entertainment options. Good catering and medical assistance around the clock are guaranteed.

Our patients value quality/price ratio and overall service in the clinic. Want to become the next person we help successfully? Come to Lingen, Germany, or contact our agents via phone or email. We will be always glad to arrange your treatment and trip to change your life for the better.