Shoulder Replacement

Sometimes damage and wearing of shoulder can be fixed only with shoulder replacement. This is a serious procedure, and the clinic should be chosen carefully. If you need a consistent level of service and agreeable prices, consider Bonifatius hospital. How do we perform the operation, and why patients from all over the world choose us?

What is shoulder replacement operation?

The shoulder consists of three parts: upper arm bones, shoulder blade and collarbone. The ball of the upper arm bone moves within a shallow socket of the shoulder blade. The bones are covered with cartilage – tissue that protects bones and helps them move. A synovial membrane lubricates the bones and reduces friction. These structures help the shoulder to rotate and move. They can damage because of injuries and wearing.

Replacement of shoulder joint is done to remove the ruptured part of shoulder and replace it with artificial components (prosthesis). There are two main options for the surgery: replacement of just the ball (partial), or replacement of the ball and the socket (total). The operation allows for creating new joint surfaces.

Candidates for surgery

The decision upon making the surgery should be made together with the physician and the orthopedic surgeon. There are several cases when doctors usually recommend this procedure:

  • Severe pain in shoulder that draws off from daily activities and persists during rest and nighttime.
  • Loss of movement or weakness of the shoulder.
  • Non-invasive treatments like injections, anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy do not help.


There are several conditions that may cause pain and loss of motion. Most often, partial shoulder replacement is performed in case of osteoarthritis that happens in older people because of wearing of bones (there is no way to prevent it or cure any other way). Different kinds of arthritis caused by diseases and traumas also lead to damage of cartilage and pain with stiffness. Cuff tear arthropathy and avascular necrosis are other painful conditions that can be treated only with an operation. Severe fractures and interruption of blood supply are the reasons when partial or full shoulder replacement is prescribed. Besides, surgery is assigned when previous operations and treatment have failed and has negative impact on patient’s health.


Before the surgery, doctors replace the damaged ends of humerus and the shoulder bone or cover them with artificial surfaces made of metal and plastic. Elements of the joint can be fixed with cement or they can be produced of material that allows for the growth of the bone into the joint.

The top of the upper arm bone is typically replaced with a long rounded metal part inserted into it. If the surface of the shoulder bone is severely damaged, doctors will smooth it and cover with a metal or plastic piece.

The surgeons in Bonifatius hospital keep tabs on recent methods and innovations and now practice reverse shoulder replacement procedure. This operation is done for people with arthritis and damage of muscles around the shoulder. The ruptured bone will be removed and ends be smoothed and the new rounded joint element will be put on its place. Cup-shaped details will replace the top of the upper arm bone. This operation has pretty high success rate, but not all surgeons are ready to perform it. Luckily, specialists of Bonifatius hospital are experienced enough to provide shoulder replacement reverse approach.

To boost shoulder replacement recovery, you will be recommended to take antibiotics – they lower the chance of infections.

5 Reasons to choose Bonifatius hospital

People from all corners of the world come to Bonifatius hospital to go through high-quality, reliable treatment. Why our medical center is one of the best in Germany?

  1. Our team consists of talented and experienced specialists with D-r Gerard Kolb in head: we perform the most complicated surgeries including reverse shoulder replacement and many other serious procedures.
  2. We use multi-disciplinary approach and make individual treatment plans for all patients which allows for reaching the best results ever.
  3. The cost of diagnosis and procedures in our hospital is lower than in some European and American clinics, so many clients can afford treatment.
  4. We have state-of-art equipment and modern devices for precise and accurate diagnosis and surgery. Be sure: Bonifatius hospital is one of the most up-to-date medical centers.
  5. The hospital is located in Lingen (Germany) – a peaceful town where you can find rest and seclusion.

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