Otorhinolaryngology Department

The Department of Otorhinolaryngology is headed by ENT physicians Dr. Thomas Otte and Mr. Luei Charanek. Patients with ENT diseases are usually treated on an outpatient basis. If inpatient treatment is necessary, we admit the patient to the Bonifatius Hospital. The medical care is provided by the same doctors at the outpatient and inpatient level which is characteristic for the medical department. Another characteristic of the ENT department is the successful combination of the experience of established ENT specialists with the high hospital standards.

In addition to the routine interventions of the otorhinolaryngology area, the range of services mainly comprises the microsurgery of the ear and the larynx as well as the endoscopic procedures (keyhole surgery) on the nasal sinuses.

Thanks to interdisciplinary cooperation we can ensure the comprehensive care of all patients of the clinic. In particular, the emphasis is put on the screening of newborns, as well as the diagnostics and therapy of snoring, sleep apnea and acute hearing loss.