Computer tomography (CT)

Computed tomography is a special X-ray procedure that produces cross-sectional images of the body and shows detailed images of body structures without any overlapping and millimeter-exact. Our department has at its dispsal state-of-the-art computer tomograph that provides more accurate images than conventional CT. It works quickly and with ten-fold reduced radiation dose. Because of the speed, patients do not need to stop breathing anymore, e.g. during a breast-cancer examination. This is particularly important for the elderly, children and intensive care patients. A full body image can be obtained in less than five seconds and the entire heart image takes only a quarter of a second. The latter is particularly important with the constantly moving coronary vessels. The images here are more contrast-rich and have a higher definition, whereby the radiation load is up to three times less than the conventional background radiation.

The so-called emission computer tomography can also be used with the aid of a gamma camera. This is a computer-aided sectional analysis in which individual organs are made visible with the help of radioactive substances.