Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

In the magnetic resonance imaging, sectional images of the body are generated using magnetic fields and radio waves. In this case, the patient is not exposed to any radiation and, in addition, certain structures such as the soft tissue can be seen. For example, the central nervous system, the brain, the spine as well as the joints, internal organs and the female breast can be displayed very well with an MRI device.

Our MRI device works with a field strength of 3 Tesla - currently the highest field strength in clinical use - and thus has shorter examination times with higher resolution of the images. For the first time the high field strength of our device is combined with a 70 centimeters magnet opening. This has enormous advantages for obese patients and for those who feel unpleasant in a narrow space. Because the MRI device is equipped with the shortest 3-Tesla system currently awailiable on the market, the patient's head remains outside the device during many examinations. This is of great advantage for patients with limited mobility as well as for pediatric patients.