Geriatric rehabilitation

All measures designed to stimulate the complete restoration of the patient's physical as well as social self-sufficiency are called rehabilitation. The goal is to reintegrate both the sick and the healthy into their social environment. If physical or mental deficits can‘t be treated, they should be compensated as much as possible by means of appropriate tools and support. In the case of geriatrics, all these measures have to be taken as early as possible and near to the patient‘s home. In addition to the medical aspect, rehabilitation has a social dimension, especially in geriatrics. The interaction of different occupational groups in a therapeutic team ensures that all areas of rehabilitation are taken into account individually and in a manner appropriate to the situation. The treatment spectrum includes rehabilitation after a stroke as well as inflammatory and degenerative joint diseases, the recompensation of chronic cardiovascular diseases, the mobilization treatment after joint replacement and the follow-up treatment for tumor disorders.