Geriatrics & Rehabilitation Department

Geriatrics is holistic medical area centered on elderly patients. It includes acute medical conditions and rehabilitation as well as partial station stay in the day clinic. If necessary, palliative medical aspects (palliative apartment on station 21) come along. The primary goal is to prolong and preserve patient’s self-sufficiency and, if this is not possible, to organize a graduated care system after dismissal.

We offer special expertise in the field of cardiovascular diseases in elderly patients and risk-adapted tumor diagnostics and therapy as well as in the diagnosis and control of nutritional deficiency and malnutrition. With regard to neuropsychology and gerontopsychiatry, we have a wide range of neurophysiological methods (e.g., nerve conduction velocities, electroencephalography (EEG), neuropathy detection).

Geriatric rehabilitation is provided in a separate station (station 22). There is a possibility of a partial station stay in the day clinic, the patients there are picked up by car from their home in the morning and returned home in the afternoons.

Our institution is a model clinic funded by the German Federal Ministry of Health, and thanks to its extensive scientific expertise the geriatrics department is known far beyond the region. An extensive publication list is available upon request.