Tumor diagnostics & therapy

The major three - breast, prostate and colorectal carcinomas - are the most common malignant diseases worldwide and simultaneously also typical tumors of the higher age. For these and all other cancer diseases, the prejudices persist that an elderly person no longer benefits from a tumor therapy or suffers more of side effects. But even elderly and old patients have a right for a good cancer treatment.

In many cases, elderly and old patients can be treated using a standard therapy procedures, but almost always the therapy is modified. By means of modern therapy methods they also can expect comparable survival and response rates to the younger patients and improvements in the quality of life.

Moreover, there are proven geriatrics procedures, so-called assessment tools, which help to find the patients with real geriatric problems, which would rather be harmed than benefit from intensive therapy.

The patent can also bear the toxicity of the therapy well, if one follows some precautions. Of course, the dosage of the drugs must be adapted to the decreased renal function of an elderly parient. Note the second point: In case of chemotherapy regimes that damage the bone marrow, the older cancer patients should be treated with growth factors.

Therefore, there is no longer any reason to deny older patients good cancer therapy.