Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery

Spine diseases that get too serious require surgical invasion to eliminate the problem forever. But the operations should be performed by skilled doctors and in advanced clinics. Want to find a medical center that can really help? Welcome to Bonifatius hospital! We deal with artificial disc replacement of any complexity. Find out basic information about the procedure and how we perform it.

What is spine disc replacement?

If a person experiences pain in spine caused by rupture of spine disc, it can be replace with an arrificial implant. The surgery involves removing the damaged natural disc and placing an artificial disc on its place. With this operation, patients can get rid of permanent pain and restore normal physical activity.

When is it recommended?

Not all people are good candidates for artificial lumbar disc replacement. The procedure is recommended in the following cases:

  • A person has degenerative spine disease.
  • Serious pain in the lower part of spine (rather than pain in legs).
  • The disease affects only one disc.
  • Conservative treatment (physical therapy, pain killers, massage) does not help or brings insignificant pain relief and lasts for minimum 6 months.

A patient can be a candidate for artificial vertebral disc replacement only if he or she is aged 18-60, has only one disc damaged, and there are no serious medical conditions like infection, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, etc. Pregnant women are not recommended to go through surgery.


The procedure of artificial spinal disc replacement is pretty complicated, but specialists of Bonifatius center for artificial disc replacement are skilled enough to perform it without risks and complications. It consists of the following steps:

  • A patient is given general anesthesia to ensure stability during operation and block pain.
  • The surgery is made from the front, and the doctor makes a tiny incision in the lower part of belly.
  • Organs in the abdomen are slightly pushed to the side so that the surgeon couldn’t damage them. A general surgeon or a vascular surgeon helps with this part.
  • Patient’s collapsed disc is removed, and the surgeon inserts an artificial disc. First, he fixes the endplates for the implant (they are made of metal alloys), presses them along the disc space, and then inserts the core inside.
  • The disc is fixed with the help of ligaments.
  • Patient is taken in intense therapy unit, and then have to spend 1-4 days in hospital.

Artificial disc replacement success rate is pretty high, and the back retains most of its motions (flexion, rotation, extension, bending). As a rule, artificial disc replacement recovery takes a few months, and there is no pain after surgery, because bone graft is not used. Rehabilitation is pretty quick.

Side effects

Just like with any surgery, there can be some problems with artificial disc replacement. Although doctors of Bonifatius hospital do their best to ensure safety of operation, some negative outcomes still occur. They can be different. For instance, a person can have allergic reaction to general anesthesia or material of the implant. Sometimes, problems with bladder, slow movement of bowel and change of bowel habit take place. Pain and discomfort are typical of the most patients, especially during the first days after the surgery. Spinal fluid leak, breaking of implants, and complications of anterior retroperitoneal approach may require invasion and one more surgery. Besides, there can be problems with incision healing.

Why choosing Bonifatius hospital?

The choice of hospital is crucial, because artificial neck disc replacement or spine disc replacement is a serious operation that should be done by a skilled and responsible surgeon. Bonifatius hospital is the right place! Why our medical center is considered to be one of the most advanced in Germany?

Our team includes tens of talented doctor and specialists with D-r Gerard Kolb in head. We keep tabs on medical advances and don’t hesitate to implement innovative technologies in our practice. Thanks to multi-disciplinary approach, we create individual treatment plans for every patient and manage to help even in the worst cases.

Bonifatius hospital is equipped with state-of-art devices and techniques for precise and safe diagnosis and treatment. We guarantee 24/7 medical surveillance in the center together with good catering. Besides, our wards are cozy and convenient. All that goes for reasonable prices: our services are affordable for most patients, no matter where they come from.

Read artificial cervical disc replacement reviews, and you will see that Bonifatius hospital is the most reasonable choice. Visit Lingen (Germany) and our clinic to get rid of pain in the back forever!