Brain Tumor Surgery

Brain tumors can be life-threatening, and without removal, it is impossible to cure them. Not many clinics are ready to deal with such operations, and the choice of medical center is pretty hard. Why opting for Bonifatius hospital? Learn basic information about our clinic and brain tumor surgery.

What is brain tumor operation?

When brain cells start growing abnormally they can form a lump that grows and interferes with adjacent healthy tissues and cells. The tumor can press against the brain, disrupt its functions and cause different symptoms depending on the affected zone. Brain tumor surgery is done to remove the lump that has formed inside person’s head to relieve symptoms and prevent or cure different diseases including brain cancer.

Not all tumors are equally easy to remove. If a lump is located in an area that the surgeon cannot reach, or is located in vital structures, it is called inoperable. In this case, patient is administered non-invasive treatment like radiation, chemotherapy and medications. The choice of surgery type depends on many factors including patient’s age, general health, whether the tumor spread to other body parts, etc.

When is it required?

Low-grade brain tumors (stage 1 and 2) that are not aggressive can be treated with one surgery, or even with non-invasive methods like chemotherapy and radiation. Tumors of grade II are monitored carefully, and surgery is done, if they continue growing and causing symptoms.

Tumors of grade III and IV that are cancerous and develop fast are more difficult to cure, and a surgery is not always available. Besides, microscopic cells may stay after surgery and grow back - additional treatments will prevent it. Anyway, even in case of inoperable tumor, treatment will reduce symptoms and is likely to prolong and improve the life of patient.


A surgery can be done for different purposes including diagnosis of the tumor, full or partial removal of the tumor, insertion of drugs for chemotherapy into the brain, relies of some conditioned like build-up of cerebrospinal fluid. To perform diagnosis of the lump, the surgeon will take a small sample and send it for biopsy.

Craniotomy is the most common operation performed for brain tumor removal. It is usually made while the patient is asleep, though some surgeries can be done “awake”, if the tumor is far from vital zones of the brain. The procedure consists of the following steps:

  • A patient gets a general anesthetic to fall asleep without feeling pain.
  • Some part of head may be shaved to apply local anesthetic to the scalp.
  • An incision is made in patient’s scalp, and a small part of scull is removed.
  • The surgeon removes tumor and some affected tissues (if possible). Removal of the entire tumor is called total resection, partial – debulking.
  • When the operation is over, the opening in scull will be stitched or closed with a metal clip.

As a rule, the operation takes 4-6 hours, but in rare cases - longer. To prevent awake brain tumor surgery risks beforehand, a surgeon may ask the patient to perform some tasks during the procedure, for instance, moving a hand, etc. During awake procedure, a patient can have some pulling sensation, but not pain, because brain cannot have pain.

To avoid brain tumor post surgery complications, a patient will need to take steroids that help with swelling. Besides, brain tumor surgery recovery can be accelerated with the help of other medications and proper rest within several days. If the tumor is cancerous, brain tumor treatment after surgery will consist of radiation and chemotherapy.

Side effects

Complications and side effects after the operation are almost inevitable. A patient can have bruising on the face and experience sickness and nausea, headache, confusion, tiredness. Quite often, it is hard to swallow because of sore throat. Some new changes can happen like problems with speech, personality changes, poor co-ordination, seizures, etc. In case of any brain tumor surgery complications, a patient should visit a doctor.

Welcome to Bonifatius hospital!

Our medical center performs a lot of various operations including brain tumor removal. Why choosing our clinic? First, our team uses multi-disciplinary approach to make individual treatment plans for the patient. Secondly, the clinic has state-of-art medical equipment and devices for precise diagnosis and operations. Thirdly, the prices for the services are more than agreeable, and many people can afford becoming our patient.

The center is located in Lingen (Germany), a small and peaceful town with low prices and beautiful landscape. Email or call us to arrange your treatment in Bonifatius hospital beforehand – we are always glad to help!