Neurological problems caused by compression or damage of nerves are usually treated with operations. If you want to find a good clinic where you can go through neurosurgery safely, consider Bonifatius hospital. Find out how we perform such operations, and why thousands of patients prefer our center.

What is neurosurgery?

If nerves get compressed or damaged, a person starts experiencing severe pain in spine or neck or other body parts. Neurosurgery is aimed at fixing the nerves and treating or preventing different disorders and injuries. Operation on nervous system can be performed in peripheral nerves, cerebrovascular system, brain, or spinal cord.

Such operations are performed by a neurosurgeon, a physician with narrow specialization. Note that they don’t only deal with nervous system in brain, but also help patients with severe neck and spine pain, or other illnesses starting from neuralgia and finishing by Parkinson’s disease.

Neurosurgeons in Bonifatius hospital provide both non-operative and invasive management of neurological problems. They have rich experience in treatment of neurological diseases and profound knowledge of the subject. We have a team of trained spinal neurosurgeons and help with most neurological spine diseases.

When is it required?

In fact, the list of diseases and conditions treated by neurosurgeons is pretty big. An operation can be required for eliminating serious nerve damage or preventing diseases. As a rule, people resolve to a surgery when other kinds of treatment do not help within a long period of time.

Types of neurosurgery

There are tens and tens of different procedures and operations aimed for nerve repair. The operations can be the following:

  • repair of aneurysm;
  • craniotomy;
  • endovascular surgery;
  • removal and replacement of spine discs;
  • lumbar puncture;
  • carotid artery endarterectomy;
  • sympathectomy.

How is it performed?

There are different types of neurosurgery and techniques used for that. For example, stereotactic approach requires using a computer system and provides maximal precision and performance. These operations are minimally invasive, which means that cuts are smaller and cause less pain after the surgery, and recovery period is much shorter. Stereotactic surgery can be used to cure movement disorders, brain tumors, epilepsy and intracranial problems. We also perform traditional open surgeries and other procedures (old and new ones). Generally, the algorithm of operation is the following:

  • The patient is administered general anesthesia that blocks pain.
  • Doctor makes a cut above the affected zone to reach damaged nerves. In some cases, it is necessary to move the bones that obstruct the access to the organs and nerves.
  • During minimally-invasive procedure, the surgeon makes several tiny incisions and one of them is used to insert a camera or a microscope. They will transmit the picture on the display for the surgeon to see the inside of the surgeon. Besides, this way, a surgeon will be able to perform sophisticated and precise operations.
  • When the doctor repairs nerves and eliminates the cause of damage, he will close the opening layer by layer.

Recovery period depends on the type of surgery and complexity of disease. Some surgeries are done on outpatient basis while some require the patient to stay in hospital for several days. It is important to follow doctor’s recommendations to avoid complications and side effects.

Why choosing Bonifatius hospital?

Our medical center is considered to be one of the most advanced in Germany, and thousands of patients get treatment here every year. Why choosing our clinic?

Our team

Doctors of Bonifatius hospital have rich training in diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases. We have a lot of emergency room doctors, internists, osteopaths and other specialists that can be called for consultations. Thanks to multidisciplinary approach we manage to create individual treatment plans for every single patient – this is an effective strategy that helps even in very complicated cases.

Our services

Bonifatius hospital provides a consistent level of service together with reasonable prices. We have convenient wards with entertainment options, ensure 24/7 medical care about clients and decent catering. In our center, patient can get through treatment without stress. The hospital is located in a small town of Lingen (Germany) and it goes without mentioning state-of-art equipment used for diagnosis and treatment.

Want to become our patient? Visit our hospital directly, or contact us via email or phone. We are always glad to help people from all over the world!