Spine Surgery Department

Tired of suffering from back pain? If no treatment options help, a spine surgery may be the only way out. Doctors of Bonifatius hospital can successfully deal with different types of spine operations, no matter how difficult they are. Learn how we perform such procedures, and what makes ourspine clinic so attractive for people.

What is spine surgery?

When a person experiences back pain, it is usually caused by rupture or wearing of bones and other tissues, or by nerve compression. Some medications can relieve symptoms, but only spine operation allows for eliminating the cause of pain forever. Such procedure is aimed at replacing or repairing and fixing spine tissues and segments. Besides, it is used to treat various spine diseases and conditions.

Types of spine surgery

Specialists of Bonifatius spine surgery center perform three main kinds of operation:

  • Laminectomy: the back part of the bone (lamina) is removed to reduce the pressure on nerve root. The surgeon can remove a segment of the whole lamina over the spinal column.
  • Discectomy: a part of a disc is removed to relieve nerve compression.
  • Spinal fusion: 1-2 vertebrae are fused for better stability, to correct some deformations or relieve pain. The surgeon will get a piece of person’s bone to place it between the vertebrae. Sometimes metal structures are used to achieve immediate stability.

These are not the only operations performed in our center. A thoracic spine surgery is used to repair a herniated disc that causes dysfunction of the spinal cord. It relieves symptoms and takes pressure of the spinal cord. Spine tumor surgery is performed to remove a cancerous tumor that causes disorders in spine functioning and put pressure on nerves, being a life-threatening condition in some cases. We also have pretty high cervical spine surgery success rate. This procedure is done either to achieve decompression of nerve and spinal cord, or to stabilize back (fusion surgery). Cervical spine surgery recovery is pretty quick, and people usually don’t experience many side effects.

How is it performed?

The exact algorithm of spine operation depends on its type, but there are many common steps. The procedure starts from giving the patient general anesthesia to block pain. The person lies on his stomach or side, and the surgeon makes a small incision on the back to reach the spinal column. To get access to the bones, the surgeon applied a retractor – an instrument that spreads the muscles of the back. After that, the surgeon performs repairing or replacement of damaged bones or tissues. For example, during laminectomy, a part of the lamina is cut to open the ligamentumflavum and work with the spine canal that has the compressed nerve. Besides, when the surgeon accesses the damaged zone, he identifies the root of the problem: a bone spur, bilging, a herniated disc, etc.

When the cause of the problem is eliminated, damaged nerve and tissues can start to heal. The free space created by removal of the disc will be filled with connective tissue. The cut is closed in several layers. The skin will be sutured and covered with dressing. Such procedure takes 1-2 hours depending on complexity of the operation.

Open or endoscopic spine surgery?

Today, noninvasive spine surgery is considered to be the new standard of spine operations, because it required making smaller cuts, contributes to faster recovery and less scarring. Besides, a minimally-invasive or laser spine surgery has lower risk of infection and hernia development. However, if the operation is complicated, and the surgeon needs to operate in hard-to-access zones, open surgery may be the only option. Specialists of Bonifatius hospital also practice robotic spine surgery that allows making sophisticated procedures accurately and safely.

Trust your health to Bonifatius Hospital

Where to find a decent laser spine clinic with top spine surgeons and agreeable prices? Bonifatius hospital is one of the most advanced German medical centers that help thousands of patients from every corner of the world every year.

We practice multi-disciplinary approach which means that tens of our specialists organize meetings and create individual treatment plans for every patent. This approach allows for more efficient treatment, and the patient has to spend less time on visits and conversations with different doctors. We keep introducing new methods and techniques and using innovative instruments and devices. Together with an agreeable laser spine surgery cost patients enjoy decent catering, 24/7 medical assistance and convenient wards.

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