Therapy of chronic wounds

One focus of our treatment of chronic wounds is the therapy of the so-called ulcerated leg (ulcer cruris). This is a chronic wound on the lower leg, which usually occurs on the inside and often causes damage to the venous valves. Often it is a consequence of the thrombosis, it can also be caused by circulation disturbances or inflammations of small blood vessels (autoimmune disease). In order to determine the exact cause, blood flow measurements of arteries and veins are performed. In addition, we also perform blood tests and histological examinations of the skin. Throughout the treatment, we work closely with certified wound and dermatology specialists to achieve the fastest possible recovery.

The treatment is initially performed outpatient in the form of a compression treatment, as far as a venous disease is concerned. If the ulcer is highly advanced or if there are combined causes, it is advisable to stay in a hospital, even if this does not generally involve surgery.