Therapy of diabetic foot syndrome

Another focus of our department is the interdisciplinary therapy of the so-called diabetic foot syndrome (DFS). This is a complication of diabetes mellitus and caused by a combination of nervous disease (neuropathy) and circulatory disorder (peripheral arterial occlusive disease).

Depending on the symptoms, three different types of neuropathy are distinguished. Sensory neuropathy leads to a loss of perceptions of touch and the temperature of the foot. The motor neuropathy results in a misalignment of the toes, which leads to changes in walking pattern and increased pressure on the ankles. Autonomic neuropathy leads to dry and chapped skin, since the production of sweat is disturbed. This resuilts in the lack of natural protective function, so fungi and bacteria can easily trigger infections.

An important component of the DFS therapy is the rapid and targeted diagnostics with differentiation of neuropathy and circulation disorder. In addition, the appropriate wound care, the appropriate shoe supply for pressure relief and the autonomous check of the feet are an integral part of an interdisciplinary care.