Cancer Operation

Cancer is one of the most hard-to-cure diseases, and its treatment requires responsible approach. If you want to find a clinic with reasonable prices and highly experienced doctors, there is no better option than going to Germany. Why choosing Bonifatius cancer hospital, and how we help your patients?

What is cancer surgery?

Cancer occurs when cells mutate and start growing abnormally: instead of dying, they replicated aggressively and disturb functioning of other tissues and cells. These malignant cells form a tumor, and it grows and obstructs air flow, pressing against organs. Cancer is one of the most dreadful diseases today: at later stages, it practically cannot be cured, and there is no 100% guarantee that it won’t return after successful treatment.

Cancer operation is a procedure used to remove cancer tissue, diagnose the disease and prevent further growth of lumps and mutating cells. Today, this is the only method of treatment cancer that developed significantly. Without surgical treatment, cancer cannot be eliminated entirely: chemo and radiotherapy are not enough to remove all malignant cells.

Types of cancer surgery

Specialists of Bonifatius clinic perform all types of cancer operations:

  • Open surgery. A doctor makes one big cut to access the organs. As soon as tumor is eliminated, muscles and tissues are sutured. Rehabilitation in clinic takes 5-7 days, total recovery – several weeks. This surgery is recommended when the tumor is pretty large, and is located deep in lungs.
  • Video-assisted surgery requires minimal invasion. In this case, a surgeon makes a few (2-4) incisions and puts a tube with a tiny camera in one of them. The picture is transmitted on the screen, so surgeons can see how they operate with instruments that are inserted into other cuts. This approach is preferable, because it shortens recovery period, and a person has to stay in clinic only for 3-4 days. However, video-assisted surgery should be performed by a highly skilled and experienced person. This operation is advised when the tumor is relatively small, and is located close to the sides of lungs.

Outcomes and possible complications

In Bonifatius clinic, success rate of operations is pretty high: we manage to cure cancer of stages 1,2 and even 3. We also help people suffering from cancer at the last stage: our treatment prolongs their lives, and we manage to suppress cancer symptoms considerably. However, sometimes cancer surgery side effectscannot be avoided. These include:

  1. Infections and inflammation of tissues.
  2. Pain.
  3. Fatigue and loss of appetite.
  4. Numbness.
  5. Bruising around the operated area.
  6. Drainage of fluid from the wound.
  7. Dysfunction of organs.

How cancer surgery is performed?

Doctors in Bonifatius clinic use state-of-art instruments and technologies and modern methods to treat cancer. Although an open (traditional) and minimal-invasive operations slightly differ, they are performed according to one common scheme.

First, a patient receives general anesthesia that will keep them from moving and feeling pain. Breathing is maintained with the help of a breathing tube. After that, a doctor makes cut(s), observes tumor and organs, and removes affected tissues. A part of tissue and adjacent lymph nodes are usually cut out to make biopsy (analysis of cells in a laboratory).

After that, a patient stays in hospital for a few days: doctors check how recovery process goes on and prescribe necessary medications. In Bonifatius clinic, we provide our patients with the best conditions: comfortable wards, calm atmosphere, 24/7 medical assistance, entertainment options, etc.

About Bonifatius hospital

Why choosing us? Bonifatius is considered to be one of the most advanced German clinics for cancer treatment. The hospital is located in Lingen, Germany: this is a peaceful town where you can easily find non-expensive accommodation and good atmosphere.

Our team headed by Prof. D-r Gerald Kolb consists of tens of experienced doctors and specialists in different spheres. We prefer multi-disciplinary approach: it helps to make treatment effective and reach better results. All of our doctors constantly improve their skills by attending seminars, conferences and courses, and we use the most advanced methods and innovations in our practice. Bonifatius hospital is equipped with advanced machines and instruments for treatment and diagnosis of cancer, and our wards are comfortable for long-term stay.

If you want to start cancer treatment in Bonifatius hospital, just contact us via phone or email. We will give you personal recommendations, answer all your questions and arrange your trip to Lingen. Our clinic is ready to help people from all over the world, and you can be the next to benefit from high-quality German medicine.