Chronic wounds

Even if we want to avoid using an artificial anus (stoma), it is sometimes necessary - at least temporarily - to apply such a stoma. Taking care of an artificial anus with drainable pouches is not as difficult as many people fear, but needs to be learned.

Patients with artificial anuses are trained by stoma spezialists. Our ostomy therapists also offer a home support and you can contact them in any problems. Because not all wounds heal easily, the healing sometimes takes a lot of time. Patients may also be discharged with a wound that has not yet healed.

If necessary, wound treatment can also be performed by us at home, so that the patients do not have to come to the consultation hours as often. The nursing manager of the station 6, Mr. Bernd Immken (trained ICW (Chronicle Wounds Initiative) wound specialist) is responsible for the guidance of the stoma patients on the stations 6 and 26. He works closely with the doctors so that our patients are sure in the safety of a treatment.