Lung Surgery

When a person has lung cancer, or other serious diseases, a lung surgery cannot be avoided. Everyone wants to be sure that they are treated by professional doctors in safe conditions. Want to find a reliable clinic with affordable prices? You are in the right place! Bonifatius German clinic provides a lot of different lung surgery options for patients from all over the world.

Which operations we perform?

A lung surgery is used to repair or remove affected areas of lung, or the entire organ to replace with an artificial lung. Specialists of Bonifatius clinic are ready to deal with all types of lung surgery:

  1. Biopsy (surgeons take a sample of lung tissue for analysis).
  2. Transplantation of lung.
  3. Lung removal surgery (pneumonectomy).
  4. Operations that prevent collection of fluid in the chest or remove blood from chest cavity, especially after injury.
  5. Surgery to deal with an infection of the chest cavity.
  6. Lung collapse surgery - removal of blebs that lead to lung collapse.
  7. Resection, e.g. partial lung removal surgery.

These and many other procedures are performed in Bonifatius clinic. Quite often, a thoracotomy is used: a surgeon opens the chest wall to reach the lungs. We help patients in many cases: when cancerous tumors have appeared in the lungs, after serious injuries and traumas, diseases and infections of lungs, complications of tuberculosis, lung collapse.

How surgery is done?

In Bonifatius clinic, the most advanced approached and methods are used to treat lung diseases and conditions. We apply multi-disciplinary approach to elaborate the most effective plan of treatment and ease patient’s treatment. In general, a lung surgery procedure consists of the following steps:

  • A patient is given general anesthesia to prevent pain and sensation of discomfort;
  • Surgeon makes a cut between two ribs that are either separated, or removed: it will pass under the armpit;
  • The operated lung is deflated to prevent its movements and make surgery easier;
  • A doctor observes the lung and decides how much tissue should be removed;
  • If required, a surgeon removes adjacent lymph nodes;
  • A chest tube is inserted to drain fluid out;
  • Ribs, muscles and skin are repaired with sutures.

As a rule, an open surgery on lungs takes from 2 to 6 hours. As for a laparoscopic lung surgery, it is a less risky approach that requires minimal invasion and is considered to be the new standard of modern surgery both in Bonifatius clinic and other hospitals.

The main benefit of laparoscopic surgery is that it requires only a few incisions to be made in the chest. A doctor inserts a tube with a tiny camera into one hole to see the instruments and organs: the picture is broadcast on the screen. After the end of the operation, incisions are sealed, and recover quicker than huge cuts after an open surgery. Scars are almost invisible a few months later.

Who treats our patients?

The clinic of Bonifatius works with the most outstanding doctors and professors who have rich experience and profound knowledge of medical subjects. Our team led by Prof. D-r Gerald Kolb applies multi-disciplinary approach, which means that specialists from different spheres consult and discuss optimal treatment options together. Our medical personnel attends different courses, improves qualification and conducts scientific research to discover new methods and effective approaches of treatment.

About rehabilitation in Bonifatius clinic

Taking care of every patient, our clinic allows for recovery in hospital wards. Before and after surgery, patient’s health is monitored 24/7, and medical assistants do their best to ensure maximum comfort and rest. Rehabilitating patients after lung surgery are recommended:

  • to sit and walk as soon as possible after the operation;
  • wear stockings on legs and feet to prevent blood clots;
  • get shots to prevent clotting of blood;
  • get medications that relieve pain and protect against infection;
  • do a lot of deep breathing as it prevents infection and pneumonia.

Why Bonifatius clinic?

Did you know that German clinics are considered to be among the most recommendable and advanced? Modern methods and state-of-art technologies are used there to make treatment truly successful, and Bonifatius clinic is not an exception. Experienced medical staff and excellent equipment make our hospital a great option for patients with different diseases.

Located in Lingen, Germany, Bonifatius clinic is considered to be an attractive destination for medical tourism: peaceful and relaxed atmosphere of the town contribute to better recovery. Prices for the trip and accommodation are agreeable, and the quality of medical assistance is the same you can get in many other major German clinics.

To become our patient, contact our managers via e-mail or phone, and they will help you to arrange your treatment in Bonifatius clinic.