Stomach Surgery

If you need to go through stomach surgery, you should approach the choice of clinic responsively. Bonifatius hospital is a reasonable choice for those who don’t want to sacrifice their entire budget for a decent quality of medical service. What makes us special, and how we help people?

What kinds of stomach surgery we perform?

First, it should be mentioned that doctors in Bonifatius hospital perform two basic types of stomach surgery:

  • Open surgery is made when one big cut is made in the abdomen. Today, it is usually used to treat serious conditions and diseases, but is less preferable, because it causes more pain and requires a long recovery period.
  • Minimal invasive operation (laparoscopic) requires making a few small incisions in the abdomen (about 2-5 holes). One is used to insert a tube with a small camera inside: the picture is displayed on the screen, and a doctor can see the inside of the stomach. Other holes are used to operate with instruments. After the surgery, these incisions are sutured, and sometimes one of them can be temporarily used to insert a drainage tube.

Doctors in Bonifatius hospital perform different types of stomach surgery, no matter how complicated they are. We have state-of-art equipment to make all operations accurately and safely, and our experienced doctors are skilled enough to handle even the most complicated procedures.

Stomach hernia surgery

When hernias form near the stomach or inside it, lumps and bulges can form pressing against organs and causing inconvenience. A hernia can interfere with normal functioning of stomach and be a reason for abdominal pains. To eliminate this problem, a surgery can be done: the doctor will repair muscle tissue and remove lumps and hernia.

Stomach surgery for acid reflux

This procedure is required to deal with GERD: a condition when the sphincter of the stomach is too weak and cannot keep the contents of the stomach properly. If foods mixed with stomach acid get into esophagus, it causes a burning feeling in chest, sour cough and sometimes can even lead to inflammation or damage of esophagus walls. Stomach operation for acid reflux is aimed at correcting the sphincter and restoring normal work of the valve.

Stomach removal surgery

It is recommended for people trying to lose weight. The surgery is aimed at reduction of stomach size, which contributes to faster feeling of saturation. This way, a person needs less food to feel full and consequently loses weight. During the procedure, a doctor either removes the upper part of stomach, or wraps it around esophagus closing up from the rest of the stomach.

Aneurysm surgery

If a vessel walls become too thin and weak, a bulge can form, and this is called aneurysm. Repairing of aneurysm in stomach surgery is one of the most common procedures. A surgeon either removes a vessel, or repairs it (sometimes transplants are used). If not treated, a vessel can rupture and cause internal bleeding that is life-threatening. In Bonifatius hospital, stomach aneurysm surgery success rate is very high: we manage to cure even very serious aneurysms and restore health and normal functioning of the stomach.

Side effects

Although we perform all stomach surgeries accurately and safely, risks after operation still cab be present. In rare cases, patients complain about:

  • Pain in the operated area.
  • Infection.
  • Bleeding.
  • Fatigue and loss of appetite.
  • Diarrhea or constipation.
  • Breaking of stitches.

Following doctor’s recommendations after the operation, a patient can avoid most of negative outcomes.

Bonifatius Hospital: Reliable, Effective, and Affordable

What makes our hospital special is a serious approach to treatment. The team of Bonifatius hospital consists of tens of specialists from different spheres. We apply multi-disciplinary approach, which means our doctors discuss patients’ problems and elaborate an individual effective treatment plan for each of them.

The hospital is equipped with state-of-art technics and devices for high-quality, accurate diagnosis and treatment. We keep tabs on recent medical advances, and introduce innovative methods and remedies to provide the best therapy possible. Bonifatius clinic stays ahead of the time, because it offers the most trustworthy and yet effective treatment options.

The hospital is located in Lingen, a small German town. Here patients can enjoy calm and peaceful atmosphere going through treatment without stress. Another evident advantage of this location is reasonably low cost of accommodation and trip.

If you want to become the next happy patient of Bonifatius Hospital, just contact us via email or phone. Our team will answer all your questions and arrange your trip to our clinic.