Thoratic Surgery

Thoracic surgery is a serious procedure performed to treat various illnesses and conditions of lungs and heart. If you need to go through an operation, a well-reputable clinic should be found. Why choosing German clinic Bonifatius, and what medical services it provides for patients?

Operations and procedures

Specialists of Bonifatius clinic perform a lot of various thoracic surgery procedures. Generally, such operations are performed when a patient has defects and pathologies of heart and cardio vessels, serious diseases of lungs, or cancerous tumors situated in thoracic zone.

Services of Bonifatius clinic are aimed at prevention, in-time diagnosis and treatment of diseases of chest. Using minimally-invasive approach, video-assisted surgery and robotic assistance, doctors manage to deal with a huge number of different thoracic surgery types. Many operations are performed to treat thoracic aorta: its conditions affect work of heart and blood flow in human body. The most widespread operations performed in Bonifatius clinic are:

  • Thoracic aortic aneurysm surgery helps to prevent the rupture and break of aorta when its walls become too thin and weak, or it expands considerably.
  • Thoracic laminectomy is performed to treat tumors and relieve spinal stenosis. It is made when the narrowing of the spinal canal makes up for high and painful pressure. Removal of lamina from vertebral bodies allows normalizing pressure.
  • Thoracic aorta calcification is a condition typical of the elderly. It means that calcium deposits form in heart valves and obstruct normal blood flow. It can be caused either by inborn heart defects, or kidney failure and other illnesses. When calcification is too serious, a surgery is required to eliminate it.

This is not the entire list of diseases and conditions treated in Bonifatius clinic. We also focus on lung transportation and rehabilitation after chest injuries. Specialists are ready to deal with the whole gamut of heart and lung illnesses, no matter how complicated they are.

How surgery is performed?

Cardiothoracic surgeryperformed in Bonifatius clinic is used to treat various diseases of heart and lungs. Our specialists are very experienced and skilled, which allows reaching pretty high success rate. Thanks to multi-disciplinary approach and state-of-art technologies, our medical assistance is reliable and high quality. As a rule, a Thoracic surgery is made according to the following plan:

  1. A patient is given general anesthesia and a tube to sustain breathing.
  2. Thoracotomy (an incision to open up the chest) is frequently made to access the inner organs. Usually it is made on the back under shoulder, and extends to the front of the chest under the arm. Muscles are cut, and a retractor is applied to spread the ribs.
  3. As an alternative, incision can be made through the breastbone (sternotomy).
  4. A surgeon repairs, removes or replaces the operated organ.
  5. Chest tube is inserted between the ribs to drain blood.

Bonifatius clinic also uses video-assisted surgery which requires minimal invasion. A doctor only needs to made 3-4 tiny incisions and insert a thoracoscope and instruments to operate. The small camera will transmit the picture on the display, and a surgeon will be able to see what is inside the chest and make accurate cuts and procedures. Chest tube can be inserted into one of incisions to expand lungs. The rest incisions are sealed.

About our specialists

Only the most experienced and responsible doctors work in Bonifatius clinic. Our specialists have deep knowledge of the subject, and use multidisciplinary approach to ensure the most effective treatment possible. Our team headed by Prof. MD Gerald Kolb consists of real professionals devoted to medicine. Be sure: your health is in safe hands.

Conditions in Bonifatius clinic

Bonifatius clinic features everything for patient’s comfort: spacious hospital ward equipped with utilities, TV, personal bed and furniture. Our assistants monitor patients’ state around the clock, and can be called any time they need. Thanks to modern technologies used in the hospital, accurate and safe diagnosis and treatment are ensured.

Bonifatius Hospital is located in Lingen, Germany, and is considered to be among the best clinics in the country. Since it is situated in a peaceful town, patients will enjoy calm and relaxing atmosphere together that contributes to better recovery.

We provide rehabilitation for as long as it is requires to fully recovering. The period of hospitalization is agreed with the clinic and specialists: in most cases, we manage to provide hospital wards for our patients before, during and after treatment.

To become our patient, contact us via e-mail or phone, and we would be glad to arrange your trip and treatment!